What It takes to Make Butter that Communicates the Diverse Flavours of Our Country

Traditionally, in India milk and its products are the source of essential protein and nutrients. For the time unknown, through conventional means, households in our country have been churning their own butter, chach and ghee, which contain a unique taste and texture.
Ananda that is emerging as the best butter brand in India, has ensured that traditional taste and texture remain intact in our products, such as butter and khoya.

Our butter is creamier in comparison to other available products, and manufactured with a secret recipe so that it spreads easily on your parathas or other food. To make it healthier, the salt content in our butter is low. Ananda, one of the biggest Milk Khoya Manufacturers in India, follow all international manufacturing standards. We have combined the best of old and modern world together.

Our practices to make butter

To determine that the salt content is butter is uniform, we use a specific method prescribed under ISO 1738|IDF 12:2004. Similarly, to regulate the refractive index of melted butter we employ Reichert-Meissl and Polenske value at successive stages. Moreover, to maintain a constant fat content in our butter, we use,

Indirect method—analyzing the non-fat portion of the butter
Direct method, such as volumetric and gravimetric methods

These checks are a part of our quality management methodology that helps to cater our consumers with a product that is perfect to enjoy with Indian bread, paranthas, rotis, nans, bhaji, dals, saag, and other preparations.


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