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Top Reasons to avoid Carbonated Drinks

Drinking carbonated drinks or soda is quite similar to smoking. How? Well, in both the cases we know it’s harmful but can’t resist it anyway! Yes, carbonated drinks have their own addictive properties which make it very difficult for you to avoid them, especially when you are a regular drinker. But you will be shocked to find out that it would have been much healthier if you drank simple tap water instead of carbonated drinks! In fact, with the increasing consumption of such drinks, it has become more important to evaluate its impact on your health. So, below is a list of reasons which will force you to quit carbonated drinks today! Also read our blog on "Benefits of Buttermilk"

It is overloaded with SUGAR: An average can of aerated drink may contain about 10 tsp. of sugar! This much of sugar intake in the body can result in a sudden hike of blood sugar as well as insulin reaction.It gives you a bundle of health problems: Over a period of time, regular drinking of carbonated …

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