Ananda Milk — A Product You can Trust

The nutrients found in milk, such as proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and water-soluble vitamins, make it a natural health drink. Since milk contains Casein, a protein with all essential amino acids, it also helps to strengthen and repair body tissues, as well as in producing antibodies.
These all properties of milk, which the world has come to know only recently, have been a common knowledge in India for thousands of years. For this reason, in India milk has been anessential part of our diet.

This has driven the milk demand in India, and Ananda, a leading pure milk supplier in India, is committed to quench the thirst of Indians with its high quality milk.

To maintain the quality of Ananda Milk, we have set-up severalmeasures:

•    Our quality management team closely collaborates with farmers, where theyhelp the producers to improve the quality of the milk with proven scientific methods.
•    To procure milk, we have established a network of farmers and collection points, where all equipment is installed for preliminary tests. To make sure the freshness is maintained, we have a number of chilling centerswhere milk is stored at optimum temperature..
•    For processing milk for different products that we make, we follow international standards, and food and safety manual.
•    The quality checking system at the processing plants analyses milk and its products for adulterants; we carry out tests such as standard plate count and others to identify coliform and related bacteria.
•    Our each milk sample goes through quality controls for optimum FAT and SNF percentages in compliance with recommended BIS and AGMARK standards.

Our quality maintenance approach helps us to deliver milk that is as nutritious and delicious as freshly milked one. Consume Ananda Milk, best quality khoya and live a healthy life.


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