Ananda Paneer Complements Every Vegetarian Food Preparation

Traditionally in India, milk is processed for various products such as buttermilk (chach), butter, paneer (cottage cheese), ghee and many others. Upholding this tradition, Ananda, one of the leading malai paneer manufacturers in the country,integrates the conventional recipewith cutting-edge technology to produce finest quality paneer.

 Our paneer has a soft, creamier and uniform texture that complements all vegetarian food preparations. Whether it is paneer tikka, shahi paneer, palak paneer, our any other recipe that you like, Ananda Paneer will add its unparalleled taste with its low moisture and appropriate fat content, regulated for a healthy life.

To make paneer, we have developed a recipe taking inspiration from India’s traditional dairy know-hows. In the following, we trace out the basic paneer making process so that you know how your favorite paneer is made at a large scale.

•    First, raw milk is standardized its fat level, from 5.8 to 6.0 percent.
•    Then, the milk, which has been standardized, is heated to 90°C—close to boiling point.
•    The next step is to cool it down to 70°C.
•    It is this step that leads to precipitation and coagulation of milk. One percent citric acid solution, which is maintained at 70°C too, is added with stirring to standardized milk.
•    After coagulation, the mass settles down and whey is drained.

The next few steps are secret that give our paneer its soft texture and appropriate moisture. And to conserve the freshness of our paneer, we implements international standards in our packaging process that makes sure that only fresh products reach you. Enjoy our products without fretting about the quality, since our motto is quality, not quantity.


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