Popular Dairy Products Offered by Ananda Group

Ever since its beginning, Ananda Group has been among the top players of the Indian dairy farming industry. In its journey of more than two and a half decades, Ananda Group has always focused on presenting quality and taste to appease the taste buds of Indian audience. This bequest has made them one of the five best dairy product companies in India.

Ananda Dairy Foods Pvt. Ltd. supplies an array of highly recognised dairy products across Indian markets, 3 most popular of which are –
Ananda Milk:

As supported by the punch line – The Joy of Fresh Milk, the product Ananda Milk is an epitome of freshness, taste and health. This energy booster drink from the group also comes with a promise of “untouched by hands”. Apart from this, the company also has Ananda Flavoured Milk in its bouquet of offerings. This tasteful retreat proffers double fold energy and delightness to you.


Amid the flood of counterfeiters, Ananda Group offers purity in its products. It is one of the most reliable pure desi ghee brands in India. Ananda Ghee is rich in natural oxidants, Omega 3, CLA, and multiple Vitamins that altogether bring health, energy and taste to you and your family members.


The group also supplies its very own array of sweets. One of their highest selling sweets is Peda, which they make from fresh khoya coupled with the sweet flavour of green cardamom.
In addition to these, the Ananda Group also has milk powder, dahi, chhach, rabri, etc. in their offerings.


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