Ananda—A Symbol of Quality

Since the Vedic times, milk has a special status in India. Consumption of milk and dairy products has been associated with good physical and mental health. Recently, research and scientific studies have corroborated what we have known from our ancient sacred texts for millenniums.

Milk is designated as the super food, having all essential nutrients and supplements for a healthy life.

dairy product suppliers in india

Given its special qualities, it is no surprise that its consumption is rising rapidly among the urban middle class, too. Fulfilling this brisk increase in demand, Ananda, with handling capacity of 10 lakh litre of milk aday, has emerged as one of the leading dairy product suppliers in India.

The status that Ananda has for its quality of dairy products is hard earned. We have made sure that our processing plants, collection points and transportation of products are at par with the international standards, making us the best milk brand in India

  • To guarantee food safety of dairy products at the source, Ananda has implemented hazard analysis of critical control points systems, which enables quality assurance of final products.
  • To cut bacterial contamination of raw milks, our processing plants are equipped with state-of-the-art cooling systems and multi-target attack/integrative approaches.
  • For quality control of processed milk, we have tools for evaluation at different stages of the production. As a special check, we have harmonised guidelines dispensed by international agencies.

Ananda products comply with the highest quality measures; it is our quest to offer you products that help you to live a healthy life.


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